Ship-To-Shore Container Cranes
Balance Between Cost And Performance
Rated Hoist Capacity Under Spreader
41 - 65T
40 - 65m
Back Reach
12 - 18m
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Soft intelligent container positioning technology

A laser positioning system is installed on the girder to position the truck precisely and fast. This can be applied in the automatic terminal operation and improves the handling efficiency.

Automatic grabbing system of spreader
Intelligent control technology of spreader track
Electrical anti-swing and anti-torque control technology
Multi-function slewing and anti-snag
Anti-collision safety system
Power factor reached more than 0.9
Energy recycling technology
Intelligent low voltage capacitor compensation

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SANY STS port equipment in Jeddah, KSA
SANY STS in Dandong Port
SANY supplies STS port machinery for Hutchison Ports