Scissor Lifts AWP
Supreme Safety & High Efficiency
Max Lifting Height
10.1 - 15.8m
Rate Loading
0.23 - 0.45T
Overall Weight
2.2 - 3.35T
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Safety first, efficient and intelligent

1. Lightweight design improves efficiency, stability and endurance.

2. Electric proportional walking and lifting control, more stable operation, more convenient maintenance.

3. Excellent IOT management system, real-time remote viewing of equipment information.

4. Active safety protection system has higher reliability and more reassuring use.

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Sany Palfinger\'s Truck-Mounted Crane Lifts the Shenzhou-10 Spacecraft
SANY Palfinger\'s Truck Mounted Crane SPS8000 in UAE
SANY Palfinger\'s truck mounted crane in the construction of railway in Ethiopia